Photo credit: Tesla Motors

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now investigating another Tesla crash to see if the company’s Autopilot system played a role, reports Automotive News. NHTSA wants to determine if autopilot was engaged during a high-speed rollover on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on July 1.

Driver Albert Scaglione told Pennsylvania State Police that Autopilot was in use when he hit a guardrail and bounced into a concrete barrier, causing the car to roll. Tesla, however, believes that Autopilot use was not a factor in the wreck, as they claim that they received no data back from the crash that indicated Autopilot was on.


Either way, we’re going to find out which version of the story is true eventually. Meanwhile, both NHTSA and local law enforcement in Florida are looking into a fatal incident involving a Model S that Tesla has confirmed was indeed cruising on Autopilot when it hit the side of a truck.

(via Autoweek)