NHTSA To GM: All Your Excuses Are Bullshit

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In the ongoing recall investigation, GM has been ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to pay a $28,000 fine over the timeliness of addressing the ignition switch defect in more than 1 million cars.


According to the NHTSA's letter issued this afternoon, GM had until April 3 to respond to how soon after the company learned of the faults that a recall was issued. The NHTSA slammed the automaker for "failure to respond fully or truthfully" to the investigation of the ignition switch defect connected to at least a dozen deaths.

The most aggressive point the NHTSA makes is that what the government wanted addressed weren't "technical engineering questions" as GM purported. Furthermore, the company's investigation being conducted by Anton Valukus "is irrelevant to GM's legal obligation to timely respond to the Special Order and fully cooperate with NHTSA."


GM will continue to be fined at a rate of $7,000 per day until it meets the requests in the letter. If GM doesn't comply, NHTSA could refer the case to the Department of Justice.

The damning report is the latest blow to the company, following testimony from CEO Mary Barra last week. This letter shows the situation isn't getting any better, and the government wants answers to its questions one way or another.

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NHTSA Letter To GM, April 8, 2014

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People, they are being fined $28,000 JUST for not answering questions by a certain date. They are not being fined for the problem itself. I'm sure $28,000 will turn into millions upon millions of dollars as the case works through the system.