Next-Generation GTO Could Be a Four-Door Coupe

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Edmunds Inside Line is reporting a new GTO could be ready by mid-2008, possibly as a (wait for it) four-door coupe. Pontiac has yet to decide on where the new model would be assembled — and what role GM's Holden division will play. What seems to be sure, however is that GM is finally settling on putting its Zeta rear-drive platform into production, in a less expensive, higher-volume version — which has come to be known as "Zeta lite." (Of course, since the Holden-developed Zeta is already a "lite" version of the high-end Sigma platform, the new version could be called Sigma-lite-lite, but we digress). Though Holden is discontinuing the Monaro, on which the current GTO is based, after 2006, its new Commodore could be the first model built on the new, modified Zeta platform.


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