Next Ford Fusion Hybrid will be a plug-in called "Energi"

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Yeah, so, this is happening. We knew a new Fusion hybrid would come when the new Evos concept-based model arrives next year. Now, the US Patent and Trademark office reveals not only what they could potentially be calling it — "Energi" — but also that it's a plug-in hybrid, too.


Do you care? Nope. But I was getting annoyed that nobody's reported on it yet and, well, doesn't it feel good to read it here before any other sites covered it?

Just remember that you heard it here first. For whatever that's worth.

CORRECTION: All the upcoming Ford plug-in hybrids will have Energi in their names — just look at the C-Max Energi — the bottom line is that regardless of name, the next hybrid Fusion will be available as a plug-in.


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