Next Cadillac CTS Could Come in "Coupe"

[Photo Redacted]

According to AutoWeek, Cadillac is looking to attack the Merc SLKs and BMW 3-Series coupes of the world, working up a CTS-based coupe for a late-decade release. The company hasn't confirmed the car is in the works, and it looks as if AW's illustrators worked through lunch to render the above spec. But sources being what they are, AW says the two-door plan, which had reportedly been pushed back by GM's moves to quell its red-ink outflow, will be released a year after the company introduces the next-generation CTS — the car Bob Lutz partially revealed on a recent "60 Minutes" broadcast.

Cadillac's CLK Killer?: CTS-based coupe may be headed for dealerships by 2008 [AutoWeek]


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