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Newspaper Launches WiFi Mobile NewsBlazer

Illustration for article titled Newspaper Launches WiFi Mobile NewsBlazer

In an effort to prove that print journalism is "with it" and "nifty," the Shelby Star of Cleveland County, North Carolina has launched a mobile newsroom. Called "The Star Car," this modified Chevy TrailBlazer features a GPS tracking system, cell-based wireless, a laptop and a dash-mounted camera so that people can watch news happening live (we can't wait for a car chase). All of this is tied together with a Kyocera mobile router and EmergreCore server. While this seems a little gimmicky, it's the first newspaper we've seen use the technology and we imagine the whole system is great for communities that don't get great television news coverage. They even have one of those blog things, which has been tracking a school lockdown here for concerned residents. [Shelby Star]


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Oh, addition to reading the newspaper and applying makeup, now folks are going to be surfing the 'net while driving....