Newlyweds Get Into Head-On Crash With Each Other, Both Die

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Cristina Munoz and Nicolas Cruz were newlyweds who worked together in Texas. On Wednesday, both were driving near their workplace when they were involved in a head-on collision, killing both of them and leaving their three children parentless.

The tragic accident occurred near the Mahard Pullet Farm where they both worked. Investigators say that Munoz's Saturn drifted into opposing traffic on the unlined road and hit Cruz's Mazda pickup head-on. They worked together, but were driving separately because of different shifts.

What's even more tragic is that they leave behind three young children. An incredibly sad situation after the jubilation of marriage. Our thoughts are defintiely with those impacted by the accident.

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Back in my hometown of podunk Nebraska a similar accident happened. A father and son were about to pass each other on a two-lane highway and both swerved into the other's lane for only god knows what reason. One of them was killed. From what I heard they both swerved to startle the other one as a 'joke', but neither of them knew the other would do the same. There's a natural selection joke in here somewhere.