New ZR1-Bodied Corvette GT2 Racer Spotted On Track

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Corvette Racing was missing from the most recent ALMS race, likely because they were busy preparing their new Corvette ZR1-inspired GT2 entry. Take a peak at the new Jakegasmic changes, below.


Our friends at American LeMans Fans have managed to grab a couple of shots of the new car showing us, for the first time, some of the changes in store for the new car. The most noticeable change to the new C6.R is the loss of the widebody skin, replaced by a thinner Corvette ZR1-inspired body with widened fender flares that gives an overall look that's closer to the stock proportions of the C6 Corvette. Less noticeable changes include a new, smaller rear spoiler that sits above the ZR1 decklid spoiler as well as a rhombus-shaped side exhaust port as opposed to the GT1 car's circular outlet.


Go to AmericanLeMansFans to see the images.

It's likely that more detailed photos and info will pop up sooner than later and we'll be sure to bring you the latest and greatest. Look for Corvette Racing's new ZR1-inspired GT2 car to make its racing debut in August at the Mid-Ohio ALMS race.

[BBV via americanlemansfans]

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Race car spy pics. Now these are spy pics worth shooting. It's almost like trying to photograph some dangerous, neurotic wild animal in it's element. That car looks like it will kill you just for looking at it wrong. The photographer should consider himself lucky.

Memo to GM: If you survive this mess, don't touch that car. Don't. Fuck. It. Up.