New Zealand Anti-Drug Ad Is Hilarious And Sad At The Same Time

Though they may not seem as bad as alcohol, driving under the influence of other types of recreational drugs is not only illegal, but also dangerous. To drive home the point, Maori Television in New Zealand makes this ad that gives you all sorts of feels, with the funny and the sad all rolled into one.


At first it starts off as comical, with their accents falling somewhere along the spectrum of Wellington and Cockney, until you realize what they're saying and how they're saying it (if you can understand them, at one point all I heard was something about monkeys and bananas and then "dljsfjkslkfljsFISHANDCHIPS"). Though the ad presents driving under the influence in a lighthearted way, these kids not only don't realize how much danger their in, but they're glorifying it. Meanwhile, they're laughing at how funny it is that their fathers are driving erratically or sometimes not driving at all.

All that aside, it's a great bit of marketing. The best ads are the ones that make you laugh, then make you think.

Don't smoke and drive, kids.

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