New Z06 Hosed by Mustang and Firebird on Woodward

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MPH editor Eddie Alterman was gifted a Z06 by General Motors and did the only sensible thing one could do with such a machine in Detroit: he took it out onto Woodward and smoked all manner of exotic and domestic iron. Vipers, 1st Gen Camaros, 426 Hemi Mopars a guy in a Murcielago even declines Alterman's request for a challenge. What's left? A couple of tweakers in nitrous-fed ponycars. And they eat ol' Eddie's lunch. Oops. The moral? For all your sodium-filled valves, dry-sump oiling systems and factory warranties, there's always some nut who doesn't care and has plumbed his engine with goofy gas. And when you meet him, he will most likely win. Unless he screwed up his ignition advance and fuel delivery. In which case, he'll blow up his motor. Spectacularly.

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