New Yorkers Count SUVs

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In an experiment in crowdsourcing, WNYC's Brian Lehrer asked listeners to count the number of SUVs on their block. "We're trying to find out just how much gas-guzzling SUV use there is throughout the New York area, with all the talk of environmental sustainability in the city," Lehrer explains. Results after the jump.


Total number of cars: 4226
Average percentage of SUVs per total vehicles: 30.60%
Neighborhood with highest percentage: Paterson, NJ (East 30th Street and 22nd Avenue), with 100%
Neighborhood with lowest percentage: Kensington, Brooklyn; Mount Kisco, NY, London, with 0%
Average Percentage of SUVs in Manhattan: 28.7%
Average Percentage of SUVs in Brooklyn: 32.3%
Top quartile (75-100%): 1.44%
Second highest (50-75%): 8.12%
Second lowest (25-50%): 54.20%
Lowest percentile (0-25%): 36.23%

While hardly scientific, the response to Lehrer's question does highlight the growing animosity towards large SUVs and their perceived environmental cost. [Via Gothamist]

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@Torque: that's exactly right. But I think that SwatLax has a good point. In fact, there are lots of vehicles like sports cars and minivans that get comparable mileage but are not thought of as being as damaging to the environment as SUVs. The anti-SUV sentiment ignores them because it's just easier to vilify one segment without regard to what actual needs are.

I know the perception is that people in New York should all be driving little city cars. But most folks in New York (I imagine) don't actually use their cars on a daily basis - they use them for getting out of the city. That means a larger vehicle that can accommodate more people and gear, which means an "SUV" is actually a pretty good vehicle for the city if the main purpose is to use it to get out to the beach/slopes/lake house.

And yes, I am an SUV owner in Brooklyn. I'm not proud of my carbon impact, but compared to other station wagons (especially those with 4wd) the Cherokee is a very useful vehicle with pretty decent mileage.