New York City Taxi Medallion Goes For The Price Of a Midtown One Bedroom!

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Over the past year, we've spent a great deal of time in the fetid vomit-encrusted nastiness that represent the majority of New York City taxis. We've got to say we've yet to find any we'd claim are worth $600,000. Despite the contrary appearances, that's the going rate these days for a taxi company to get themselves a new medallion. For those of us who didn't realize what the hell it is, that's the license that lets the driver take you from the tip of Manhattan to the depths of the Bronx and back — sometimes whether or not it's where you've asked to go. Yup, that $600 large sounds pricey, but given the real estate prices anywhere in Manhattan — you can probably get a one-bedroom for just about $600K, and yes, it'll probably be about the size of a taxi.

New York taxi license hits record price: $600,000 [Reuters via Autoblog]

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