New York City Cabbies Gouged Us Yesterday More Than Usual

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Yeah, so one of us had the unfortunate need to take a cab from LaGuardia to the city yesterday in the midst of a two day cab strike over GPS systems in the lovely city of apples that are big. After seeing the traffic levels ahead of us on the Triborough Bridge, we decided it'd be best to just stop at an Astoria subway stop and take a subway across to Manhattan. The cab fare for the shared ride trip of two miles in mild to medium traffic? $20. Apparently the strike yesterday was causing something called "gouging" which is when a person offering a service overcharges you by reaching into your pocket and taking as much money as they can while threatening to drive off with your bag in the trunk of their dirty yellow cab. But I apparently was not the only mark fare suffering from this fate yesterday. Luckily, the strike's over today — and I've hit an ATM to replenish my twenty bucks. [via New York Post]


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