New Year’s Eve Car Fires Dropped By 12% In France To A Still Crazy 940

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France's Interior Ministry says 2015 started well after only 940 cars were set ablaze on New Year's Eve, which is 12 per cent less than the 1,067 that got carbequed last year. Success indeed!

We love French cars here at Jalopnik, that's why it's especially hard to process how destroying them among anything else parked on the streets became a habit after the fiery riots started in 2005. Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told BFM-TV that this sad way of starting a new year was particularly popular in the east of France, as well as in suburban Paris where the riots started nine years ago.


Let's all hope for that casualty number to drop further in 2015, because the only fire we want to see coming from French cars looks like this, and does not involve melted plastics:

H/T to The Globe and Mail

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It's bands of youth who don't have shit to do on NYE, coming from poor neigborhoods.
Alchohol and group effects makes them do shit to impress each other, including destroying random stuff, from trashes to cars...

I am from Paris, and inside Paris it's almost non existent, it's only next to low income neighborhoods all the time, especially from the northern Paris suburbs and eastern ones, don't ask me why the north of france, which is poorer, doesn't.

Those fucks assault firemen too when they come to put out fires... It's beyond stupid.