New Volkswagen Passat-Sized NMS Is Like A Jetta XL

Here's likely the first image of the upcoming Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan, set to emerge from the Chattanooga, Tenn., factory next year. It looks slightly different from the upcoming Europe-only version of the Passat. What does VW have against excitement?


There's an old story about Robert McNamara, the leader of the "Whiz Kids" at Ford in the '50s, telling the engineers he'd come up with an idea for a new car. When the engineers asked to see his idea, McNamara handed them a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers - the dimensions and capacities of his ideal model. When they asked what it should look like, McNamara said he really didn't care; the number were what mattered.

The NMS looks like it'll be on the big end of the midsize class, probably get decent fuel economy, and have nice rear legroom and an ample trunk. We'll bet there are some great cupholders inside, especially since this isn't a European model. But excitement? We may need to take a number. [JokeJoe]

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