We've been told to expect a new version of the Pagani Zonda that supposedly will ditch the big ol' Mercedes V12 in favor of a smaller new V8. Now we've got even more evidence to support the case thanks to AutoExpress. They've been kind enough to bring us these sneaky photos showing us up-close details of the new car.

Technical specs are still unconfirmed, but the speculators suggest the new engine will be the thumping 680 HP dry-sump V8 lump from the McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 GT. We're not sure how much sense that makes, what with SLR production winding down, but then the Zonda isn't exactly the sort of car you justify with the left side of your brain. With 0-60 runs likely in the sub-three second range, your right foot will likely be the decision-maker. [AutoExpress]