New Tron: Legacy Trailer Is as Badass as You Were Hoping It Would Be

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Here's the new Tron: Legacy trailer straight out of ComicCon. Weird young Jeff Bridges aside, it looks pretty great. Or at least full of great visuals. How good the story will be is still unclear. [Yahoo via The Daily What]



It just feels too real to evoke Tron for me. The Tron world never exactly felt real which made the human faces appearing in it that much more powerful. True it's dramatic departure from reality was due mostly to technical limitations at the time, but they used those technical limitations to create a look and style that this film seems to pay homage to, but not really follow through with.

A victorian table with an Ikea lamp on it? What use does that have in a computer? A bed with sheets, why would a program need to sleep in a bed with sheets? You just store it in a toolbar with the rest of your dormant programs. Clouds in the sky instead of data grids? Oh right, it's 'the cloud', but showing 'the cloud' as a sky full of litteral grey clouds is just dull.

I liked the look and feel of the Tron 2.0 game better. They wanted to make this movie all dark and edgy, but I think they just ended up doing the Lost in Space thing to it.

I will say, the Recognizers were awesome.