New Toyota Prius Teaser Campaign Continues With A Head Scratcher

Even though we've already seen the 2010 Toyota Prius, the marketing march of extreme closeup teasers continues, this time with something we can't put a name on. It's obviously a camera of some sort, probably. Heck it could be a super amazing fog light, or a fancy fingerprint reading door lock, or the eye of a HAL 9000. In any case it's got a big fish-eye lens and it's watching something, possibly silently judging it. We do know it's for a feature not currently available on the Prius — so that rules out a backup sensor. We'll be seeing this and everything else still secret about the next Prius when it makes it's official debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Until then, bask in the warm gaze of its potentially terrifying sentience.
[via PriusChat]


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