Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc had no comment on whether or not their Reliant Robins were rigged as well for the sake of comedy, but their first new Top Gear road trip takes them from London to Blackpool in open top three-wheelers.

As the Evening Standard reports, it’s the UK versus the U.S. again as Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc heads towards the British seaside driving appropriately decorated Reliants from the eighties. A mere 240 miles, come rain or shine.

Gloves on!
Not a Porsche.


Evans also revealed that they were very close to signing Jenson Button for the show as well, but since he stayed in Formula One with McLaren, it just couldn’t happen.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond prefer the classic Robins over these facelifted new editions.


They might be more expensive after Top Gear has crashed most of the remaining ones, but Amazon has cash.

Photo credit: The BBC


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