New Terminator: Salvation Trailer: Four Minutes Of Mechanized Awesome

The new four-minute long Terminator: Salvation spoiler trailer made its way into the hands of fan-boys everywhere yesterday. It features more humanity-ending terminator motorcycles, human-harvesting robots and all-around terminator badassery. Caution: Awesome spoiler-filled trailer inside.

For you to get a clear view of how our world theoretically ends, click the HD button on the player. [HellForLeather, YouTube via BuzzNewsroom]

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Wankelin' For A Rotary

This trailer is PROOF of how BAD-ASS the A-10 Warhog (Thunderbolt II) is. 30 years in the future, a plane designed and FLOWN in the 70s is not only STILL IN SERVICE, it's blowing the hell out of Terminators.

That's some goddamned good engineering, right there, son. Best believe the shark grin isn't just 'cause of the Vulcan minigun.


*author's note: Wanklein's mom actually worked on the Thunderbolt Project for Fairchild.