New RoboCop Has Crazy Motorcycle Destruction, Chinese Electric Cars

Are you a fan of the classic RoboCop vehicles like the 6000 SUX or the 1985 Ford Taurus Robo-mobile? Well, in the new movie, Murphy will get a cooler bike than Judge Dredd, and robots will have to deal with one of the worst electric cars mankind has ever seen.


That's right! The new trailer reveals that while abroad, giant machines will have to clear the streets from scum while going around ZAP Xebras, a three-wheel electric car from China that has been recalled this year "due to a braking issue".

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration since then ordered the company to buy back the approximately 700 2008 models that were sold and have them destroyed or otherwise permanently disabled.

Let's just hope RoboCop and his buddies will do the same.

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