We've seen cars race planes on runways like a bazillion times. Have we seen an SUV race a plane on a grass runway? Yes. Now we have.

Here, the brand new Range Rover Sport races one of Britain's most legendary aircraft, the Spitfire fighter, in a simple race. Both go the length of a grass runway, turnaround, and go back to the start.

It appears to be a no brainer which would win. No matter how good the Rangie is off-road, it won't be able to corner nearly as fast or as sharply as the Spitfire, since the Spitfire is in the air, not on soggy Goodwood grass.

But this new Range Rover Sport is good. Apparently very good. Maybe it'll be closer than we think? I won't spoil the result. Check out the race above.

(Hat Tip to Nick!)