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New Medium-Sized Mini Cooper Might Go Diesel, Will Go Hybrid

Illustration for article titled New Medium-Sized Mini Cooper Might Go Diesel, Will Go Hybrid

The 2015 Mini Cooper has grown in every measurable dimension on the outside, but shrunk under the hood. It's an odd combo. But there might be some good under-hood news coming in the form of diesel power for the US.


In a conversation with AutoGuide, Mini product boss Pat McKenna said that a diesel is "in the realm of possibility." What that means in reality is that it might happen. What that means for enthusiastic auto journalists who pray to Rudolf Diesel as if he's the second coming is that a diesel Mini will definitely be here and we all need to buy one now.


McKenna didn't say that the Mini diesel would only come in brown and only have a manual transmission, but it's our job to assume that will happen.

While the diesel is a rumor right now, what is confirmed is a plug-in hybrid will be heading our way. McKenna didn't say what model it would go in, but I'm going to assume it's the hardtop.

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I don't get all the enthusiasm for diesel here on Jalopnik. Right now in the Seattle area diesel is over 25% more expensive per gallon than regular gasoline which means that any mileage gains will be wiped out at the pump. Sure in summertime the gap is lower but I'm still not conviced that year-round you're going to come our ahead. In Europe where it's cheaper than gas because of taxes, sure, but in the USA I remain unconvinced.