During today's press conference announcing the New Jersey Formula One race, officials quoted one UK newspaper as saying the prospective street circuit would "race like Spa, look like Monte Carlo." Awesome. So how'd they find such a pitch-perfect site? Google Earth, apparently.

Race promoter Leo Hindery Jr., executive chairman of Formula One Grand Prix of New Jersey, said they "found" the track using the same piece of freeware you and I use to find our aunt's condo in Yonkers.

That is, they spotted the turns and elevation changes on Google Earth. And you can't fault their eyes for spotting a very Monaco-like stretch, with a long uphill climb — à la Sainte Devote to Casino Square — a sharp downhill with a hairpin, and then a relatively flat, high-speed section running along the waterline.


While there's no reason to doubt that Hindery and his team indeed scoped out the course via Google, could it be that knowing Arthur Imperatore's vast chunk of the track's waterfront section was up for grabs perhaps guided their cursor hands a bit?