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The operatives at Carscoop procured shots of the next Honda CRV, yet to be revealed (UK version, natch). The new model promises to share quite a few visual cues with its upmarket cousin, the Acura RDX, though with a softer, more curvelinear approach taken throughout the rear section โ€” particular in the portal design. More info, we'd imagine, is forthcoming, and we'll likely see it in Paris next month. [UPDATE: Tipster Dave came through again with some photos. Thanks, tipster Dave!] [UPDATE 2: According to Japan's Mag-X the new CR-V is due his month as a 2007 model. Dimensions are reported to be 176.97" x 70.86" x 66.14", a decrease of four inches in length, two millimeters in height, but an increase of .0.67" in width. More here.]

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