New Grille for Subaru: Flying You-Know-What We Hardly Knew Ye

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Robert Farago once vividly pointed out that the grille of the Subaru Tribeca SUV resembled part of the female anatomy taken to wing. Whether or not you think that's a stretch (Dr. Rorschach, call the front desk), Subaru has decided its propeller grille is out of style and in need of alterations. Australia's Carsguide is reporting that Fuji Heavy is eliminating the style from the next Impreza, due next year. The move, which will likely affect the next Tribeca as well, suspiciously corresponds with the resignation or firing of ex-Alfa designer Andreas Zapatinas, though the company says he wasn't responsible for interpreting the company's aerospace past in the fascias. We'd once heard a rumor that Subaru brass had become obsessed with Farago's comment, though whether that had anything to do with the decision, we'll never know. [Thanks to John for the tip.]

Subaru "propeller" grille to change [Carsguide (AU)]

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