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New Ford Backup Camera Prevents You From Killing Neighbor's Dog &mdash Maybe

Illustration for article titled New Ford Backup Camera Prevents You From Killing Neighbors Dog mdash Maybe

In no time you will be a towing master capable of buying and hauling all kinds of crap around town thanks to the optional rear-view camera system now available on a variety of Ford truck and sports-utility models. Backup cameras have existed in years past, but this one is a bit different. It displays the backup video feed on a miniature LCD display embedded in the rearview mirror, rather than the in-dash display.


This allows more attention to be paid to the overall process of backing up, rather than going back and forth between umpteen mirrors and displays to just park at the mall, or hook up the boat.

Models that include this option are the Super Duty, F150, Lincoln Navigator, Mark LT and Mazda CX-9. The video also includes a distance gauge, which could be extra convenient while parking your gigantic truck in a compact parking spot, ass. [Autotopia]


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We need those reality show lobotomy blondes to test this system - one stands behind the truck, the others try not to injure her as they park, and one more sits in the Focus, seeing how many times she can hit the SYNC button in one minute.