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New European Ford Focus To Be Revealed At Frankfurt Auto Show

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The UK's AutoExpress has snagged themselves some shots of what appears to be a facelifted Ford Focus for Europe. It looks from the shots they've got that the next Focus will receive a look that completes the Ford Euro boy-band trifecta, and putting that front fascia in line with the already refreshed Mondeo and Fiesta. We'll let Auto Express tell us the rest of the scoop after the jump as well as give us the big news from Ford of Europe:

Key to the new model range will be an ultra-efficient variant dubbed the ECOnetic. Its 1.6-litre TDCi diesel engine will emit only 115g/km of CO2 and return fuel economy of nearly 70mpg.

Inside, there will be a new C-MAX-style centre console, complete with uprated audio and navigation equipment. Under the skin, the changes are less significant, however. The existing range of petrol and diesel engines is to be carried over, although tweaks to the suspension will enhance the Focus's driver appeal.


Yes, yes, that's all fine and good, but the real news is that we're being told we'll be seeing that new look first hand in Frankfurt next month. Huzzah! [via AutoExpress]

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Having owned two USDM foci and a contour - I can safely say that the 05 refresh was more about cutting corners and blanding it than anything else. They lopped off a bunch of standard features from even the bottom feeder model and made them a "sport package" only available on the mid level car - standard on the top level. (gee, who needs a tach in a car with a five speed?)

The 00-04 was the better car - in the sense that Ford NA's meddling was kept to a minimum.

As long as we get the new focus in the states - in hatchback form - Ford *may* get more of my business, assuming they build it in mexico and work out those horrible quality control issues (the 02 was solid until about 60k - the 07 has been nothing short of problematic - I've put more miles on rental cars so far). The 02 was built in mexico, the 07 in michigan.

As for the whole not bringing over the Mk II Mondeo to the US as a Contour or Mondeo - I'm still a bit salty over that - moreso over the fact that we never got the hatchback model of the Mk I Mondeo.

(I'm a hatchback fanatic - both foci were zx3's)