Gran Turismo is celebrating an incredible 15th anniversary. Gran Turismo 6 will be in our PlayStations soon enough. And the GT Academy has transformed many gamers into pro racers. We hear about these things all the time, but we don't often hear that much about the man behind the games: Kazunori Yamauchi.


That's because Yamauchi, as GTPlanet founder Jordan Greer says, Yamauchi is something of a "ghost." Now the details of his life and career in gaming and racing are coming to light in a new documentary called KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide. It's about Yamauchi's career as both a game developer and a racing driver, and as a figure who has changed the global automotive industry.

If you went to the Jalopnik Film Festival, you probably saw this trailer there when Yamauchi served on one of our panels. Though there's no premiere date listed, we can probably expect the Tamir Moscovici-directed film to debut later this year.

I can't wait to see it and learn more about the man behind the legend.

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