Delphi, makers of all kinds of vehicle electronic gadgetry, will become the first manufacturer to use what is being called "segmented display cell." SDC is a type of e-ink used in electronics and will soon be implemented into a wireless bi-directional keyfob. SDC will make integrating displays into keyfobs a little more reasonable. SDC also looks a hell of a lot better than the third-party jobbers with displays that look like those handheld videogames from the 1990s. This technology isn't just about looks, either.

The type of display is more flexible and thinner than some of the current up-and-coming e-ink technologies. It also uses less battery power and the bi-directional nature of this specific keyfob from Delphi will allow for it to tell you all kinds of interesting facts about your car that nobody else will care about but you. [Slashgear]