It is appropriate to both acknowledge and dismiss the old when starting something new, but a Cadillac dealer in Texas took this to an extreme by using an Eisenhower-era Caddy to break ground on their new building.

On 11/11/11 at 11:11, the owners of the famously unconventional Frank Kent Cadillac dropped a 1953 Cadillac sedan fifty feet from a crane nose-first into the Texas topsoil. Picked to honor the year Kent acquired its Cadillac franchise, the vintage sedan apparently suffered a bashed nose but the main structure held up rather well.


Attendees of the groundbreaking and the building's construction workers are to sign the rear of the bulky relic, which will then be buried nose-first on the new dealership grounds in an echo of Cadillac Ranch in nearby Amarillo.

It may be a sad waste to use a perfectly drivable (and seriously cool) classic car for such a purpose, but maybe by inoculating the ground with the spirit of a real Cadillac they're hoping to grant their new showroom some of the marque's old-school grandeur with new vehicles, so hopefully enough progress will be made so that a repeat ritual is unnecessary.

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