For some, the new Camaro's retro-modern restyle isn't "retro" enough. One solution's to follow this guy's footsteps and slap a copy of the 1967 Camaro's blunt-nosed front end on the new muscle car. Yes, somebody's been drinkin' heavily.

According to the original photographer who saw the car at the Carlisle Performance & Style show in May, the owner on this creation says the bits and pieces come from a company called Retrokits, which specializes in pushing the Camaro further back on the evolutionary path. The entire front clip is replaced and includes a new grille, new round headlights and fog lights, a new chrome bumper and new chin spoiler. It really does look like a modern interpretation of the original grille, too bad it looks goofy sitting on the front of a beefed-up modern Camaro. [Cardomain Blog via VWVortex