Illustration for article titled New BMW Supercar, the M10, Coming in 2009? Tuner Version Already Planned?

Italian BMW tuner Racing Dynamics appears to have dropped some info regarding BMW's new supercar, apparently to be called the M10. A rendering of the car (above) was accompanied by the following blurb:

The Racing Dynamics RS55 Coupe

655 HP and a top speed in excess of 215 MPH. The V10-powered Racing Dynamics RS55 is based on the upcoming M10 supercar from BMW, and will likely see the showroom floor by the end of 2009.


If this respected tuner's Web site is to be believed, looks like the tuners have already gotten the specs from the Bayerische boys, and are running with them. Look out, AMG. (FYI: Go to the Racing Dynamics home page and wait a few seconds for the graphic to change.)



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