New Bike-Engined Road Car From UK Firm

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To US-tuned ears, West Surrey Racing sounds like it deals in racers fueled by apples and sugarcubes, but it's a true motorsport engineering firm, and it's launching a new track/road car. According to Pistonheads, WSR is developing a twin-seat, motorcycle-engined racer that's not just a track-day car; it'll be street legal (in the UK) have a midship-mounted engine, open-top body and be tall enough to board a ferry without leaving half of its undercarriage on shore. What's most interesting is that the company is considering asking the public for styling suggestions — which means they're still working out the chassis and engine, and that the designers had a bit too much fun at the company picnic this year.

New Road/Track Car Hits the Road [Pistonheads]

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