New Beetle iPod-Enabled Clock Radio

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As soon as we saw this gizmo, we immediately got The Polyphonic Spree's "Light & Day" lodged in our skull, and we're wishing that it only made us think of that New Beetle/iPod ad from a couple of years back. But we'll swallow the angst and bring you the cold, hard facts: the Buglet features stereo speakers hidden in the wheels, working headlights and an 18-inch cord for plugging in any audio source. Plus, you can haul your iPod in the backseat. We have to say, we're really wondering who the target market for such a clock is, because at $129.95, it's a tad pricey for the kids and a more than a tad dorky for everyone else. But if you're really worried about what to buy Spree frontman Tim DeLaughter for Christmas, this could just be the ticket.

Beetle ZipConnect Speaker System with AM/FM Digital Tuner & Alarm Clock [Sharper Image via The German Car Blog]

Few Carmakers Offer iPod Interfaces [Internal]


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