New Baldwin-Motion Camaro Update

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Nigh on two weeks ago, we reported that Joel Rosen, main man behind the Baldwin-Motion hi-po Chevys of the late '60s and early '70s has ressurected the name for a series of de-luxe, modernized, world-eating '69 Camaros. Now we have images to go along with the report. The cars look a bit like ride-pimped versions of the legendary Gottlieb Camaro, aka Big Red, which is arguably the car that really kicked off the whole Pro Touring movement that's risen to prominence in musclecar circles over the last half-decade.

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A couple of other details about the cars have surfaced as well, notably that they'll use a Viper-based independent rear end, and some vague idea about the price, to be announced at SEMA. Motion partner Marty Schorr says It s not a $100,000 car it s considerably more, meaning that it's a damn sight pricer than the continuation-series Shelby Mustangs built by Unique Performance.

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