New 260HP Mazda3 MPS to go on Sale in the UK on October 1st

Mazda has confirmed UK pricing for the all-new Mazda3 MPS that goes on sale October 1. The... smiley faced hot hatch is being marketed in the UK in a single trim level with pricing set at £21,500 (on the road) including mica or metallic paint finish. Based on the second generation Mazda3, the MPS is motivated by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four that...


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Manwich - now Keto-Friendly

Ummm.... okay so the "big" news is that the New Mazda3 MPS has the same 2.3L turbo as the Old Mazda3 MPS?

Or is the big news that it sells for about the same as the previous model?