When we first saw the new 2008 Jeep Liberty at a pre-New York Auto Show briefing session we can't help but feel very sad. One of us has been a proud owner of a Jeep Liberty and truly enjoys taking his little baby bug off the beaten path whenever possible. While we're not at all impugning the capabilities of this new small SUV all about lettin' freedom ring, we were a little bit disappointed that it in many ways looks like and feels like (the interior) a re-badged Dodge Nitro. Still, in this new commercial for Jeep, the boys n' girls at BBDO (we think they've still got the account — who knows these days?) are trying to show off the off-road capabilities of "The New Small SUV" from "The New Chrysler" by watching as it can't seem to stay on the road. We know that feeling all too well.

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