Hell Yeah Hummers Demolishing Houses!

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

I always figured demolition would be the best part of any property renovation project. But you know what they say; if a sledgehammer is good, a three-ton army truck is better.

These vehicles belong to Bullet Motorsports, a dealership of interesting vehicles down in South Florida with quite a few military-spec HMMWV “Hummers” on the on the lot. Apparently street legal to boot! Though isn’t everything in Florida?

Props for picking the perfect soundtrack, and putting these trucks to “work.”

Part of me still wants a Hummer, even though driving Doug’s was one of the worst automotive experiences of my life. But heck some of the these trucks are cheaper than Wranglers!


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Never thought of these as construction vehicles, but it makes a lot of sense as these Hummers are sturdier than a light duty pick up truck.