Screenshot: Petrolicious (YouTube)

This 1989 Ferrari F40’s owner Jasbir Dhillon does a nice job recounting a quick rundown of where the car came from, and what it’s like to drive today. But the highlight of this video, as with all F40 videos, is the spectacular song that comes out of the engine.

This is one of those cars that everybody seems required to love. It simply cannot escape coolness–from its F1 pedigree, to the sound, to the distinctive shape and quintessential “80sness.” The gated shifter is just a nice little cherry on top.

I actually got sucked in to this particular video because of that shot with the car’s front air intake full of leaves. It looks like the car is wolfing down a bowl of cereal and for some reason it makes me really happy.

Sounds like this car makes its owner happy too, which is cool. If an F40 has to belong to someone who isn’t me, at least the kids to run around in the wild instead of being cooped up in a museum for its whole life.