Neun-Elf? Nein! Dan Neil on the Porsche Cayman

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A commenter who's been conspicuously absent since he called us homophobes and didn't get away with it once referred to us as Dan Neil-wannabes in a vaguely derogatory way. But really, what auto writer doesn't aspire to that level of the craft? (Well, okay, plenty don't.)

"Under the carpeted and soundproofed hillock between the wheels is the car's 3.4-liter, flat-six engine, a fervent bit of machinery that in the throes of aggressive driving swamps the cabin with a bright, metallic resonance. Imagine the sound of someone cutting up Zildjian cymbals with a Husqvarna chain saw. I'll wait."


Oh, and Neil says the same thing that just about everyone's said of the Cayman: namely that it's a 911-killer that Porsche won't allow to take down its venerable sibling. So what?

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