Netherlands' DJ Afrojack Learns Why You 'Don't Drive A Ferrari In Shit Weather' (UPDATED)

This is Nick van de Wall. He is a DJ and a music producer from the Netherlands. He goes by the name of Afrojack. This is his crashed Ferrari 458 Italia. And this is the life lesson he learned today.

Afrojack just crashed his Ferrari under circumstances which have yet to be determined. But on his Lockerz page, he posted a picture of the wrecked supercar with the message "ok that sucks, good thing were all ok!!!! lesson in life: dont drive a ferrari in shit weather!"


That, or save up your money and buy a Ferrari FF instead. It's kind of ugly, but it can handle bad weather. 

Pictured below: the 458 in better days. Maybe he'll replace with something that does better in the rain. 


UPDATEAs some of you guys (and TMZ) have pointed out, Afrojack totaled the Ferrari THE SAME DAY HE GOT IT. As in, within an hour or so of getting it, he crashed it. There are no words. 

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