Nelson Supercars Chevy Camaro - The "F Bomb"

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This is the Nelson Racing "F-bomb". It's a 1973 Chevy Camaro which belongs to David Freiburger, Cheif Editor at Hotrod Magazine. David's Camaro has been caged and tubbed, and a 406 cubic inch twin turbo V8 was installed. We were a little disappointed to find out the car only makes 1540 HP and 1527 lb.ft. of torque. That sounds pretty weak for a Chief Editors ride. We're not going to go braggin' er nothin' but a real Chief should be driving around in something tough and manly, like a Jeep Liberty.


At the very least that sucker should be packin' some serious heat like that 2,200 HP quad turbo'd big block we saw a while ago. We kid, we kid, it's likely the F bomb is named appropriately, because with 1527 lb.ft. of torque at your beck and call, that's probably the only word you're going to be able to say. [Nelson Supercars]


Jeff Glucker

The car looks like Doc Holiday...

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