Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Sand Dunes: Mail Jeep Hoonage

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How do you know it's a Mail Jeep? 'Cause it's got two little balls hanging under it. Har-dee-har-har. Anyway, in this excellent example of hoonage we study the post-civil service life of a 1983 mail Jeep (made by AM General). After being fitted with a Chevy small block, the Jeep goes drag racing, dune climbing, and even running through water. The abuse takes its toll on the old DJ though, so it was scrapped for parts. And by scrapped, we mean really scrapped - they took the body off in order to remove the transmission from the top. Check out the whole story, with a video.

Life Cycle of a Mail Jeep

More hoons, and hoon (not Shannon) [internal]


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