Neiman Marcus isn't known for being the most understated store in the world. Hell, these are the people that sold 12 McLaren 12C Spyders to some well to do shoppers in less than two hours.


Well, if you missed out on a 12C and like gaming, Neiman's has another reasonable option for you this holiday season.

Just $90,000 of your hard earned American dollars will get you a Pinel & Pinel Arcade Trunk. What does it come with, you ask? Plenty o' things!

For all that coin, you'll get controllers for four people to play, a 55" Sony 3D TV, a PS3, racing seats, a top-of-the-line Thrustmaster T500RS wheel, 24 games, a Bluetooth sound system, a calfskin cabinet that comes in 51 colors, and microphones galore.

Even more amazing? Delivery prices ARE NOT included in that $90,000 price tag. In the immortal words of GOB Bluth, COME ON!

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