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Given the choice between the supercharged 516-cube Pro Mod engine in this Camaro and a naturally aspirated 820-cube Pro Mod engine… well, there's no replacement for displacement!


That's mostly because the monster NA Pro Mod engines sound so evil, and if you're going to go all impractical with your Camaro- as the crazed builder of this $150,000 Pro Street '69 RS has done in excellent overkill fashion- you might as well go for the 800+ inch sound. But what the heck, we're still dealing with the purest Concentrated Essence Of Camaro here, and we approve. The windows roll up and down, the wipers work, and it's got license plates. We say Gawker needs to buy it for use as the Official Jalopnik Staff Car. Well, actually, Gawker needs to hire this shop to put the same engine in a "catfish-face" Packardbaker and make that the OJSC.
[eBayMotors, thanks to The Tunachuckers for the tip]


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