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Needing A 'Pineapple Shoved Up His Arse' May Be The Best Driver Insult Of 2015

V8 Supercars’ David Reynolds is not happy with Shane Van Gisbergen after SVG spun him out of contention in the first race at Phillip Island. Reynolds, who received a stiff $25,000 fine over his remarks before Bathurst, thinks SVG now needs a $50,000 fine and a pineapple shoved up where the sun don’t shine.


What led to this suggestion of pineapple abuse as a punishment? Well, for one, the oops is a devastating blow to Reynolds’ championship hopes. Reynolds didn’t mince any words telling both Van Gisbergen’s team as well as the press exactly what he thought of that, either.

Our friends over at Rennsport have the full story from crash to “he’s dead to me.” Read it over here.


GIF via YouTube.

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That was obviously intentional. SVG should have received more than a 25 point penalty (maybe not a whole pineapple though).