Need to Lose Your Job? Play This Jeep Game

Every once in a while, the Internet takes a giant leap forward in its ability to waste my life away. Imagine combining a profound love of Jeeps with the desire to see them pull off Dukes-of-Hazzard-on-acid jumps. Well my friend, that's the idea behind Jeep Flyer. Go ahead, take a furtive stab at a loop-dee-loop, make massive jumps over impossible distances, crash the Jeep into a thorny nest of death spikes and watch the driver fly off into white space — it's only limited by your imagination (and simulated physics). Now that you're hooked, go introduce it to all of your coworkers and enjoy as your office productivity plummets to zero. See you in the unemployment line.

Jeep Flyer [Hall Pass]

Old School sled style - how the pros do it[YouTube]


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