Need A Test Track Cheap? Call Honda

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Honda has put its 4,255-acre Mojave Desert proving grounds up for sale, complete with 7.5-mile oval, 4.5-mile road course and support buildings. Buy it and you can show off your motorcycle hooning skills to the desert rabbits.


Earlier this year, Honda decided to concentrate its U.S. development at its site in Ohio, making the desert facility superfluous. If you have the several million dollars likely necessary for such a property, you can find the particulars here. We do know a wealthy automotive magnate who can't seem to get enough driving done in the United States...


(H/t to Rob!)

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jpech uses the air pedal when he wants to go fast

Here is what I would do if I had the cheddar. The red represents an approximation of the new road course layout, an artists rendering, if you will. Although rovals are generally not as cool as real road course tracks the scale of this one should alleviate that problem. Then in a bit of ironic marketing genius I'll get a scottish driver to refer to my awesome track as "The Brown Hell", and I'll open it most days to anybody that wants to take a lap for maybe $30-$40. Then I'll invite Porsche and Nissan to come test on my track, and tell both that the other was running on slicks, and fiddling with the boost levels in their cars. After all that I'll talk the ALMS into staging a 36 hour race WITH a Lemons class. At this point the assumption will be that my track will be considered so awesome that the F1 championship will be considered a sham for not including a race on my track. Then when Bernie comes calling I'll tell him to shove it. It's gonna be EPIC.