Nebraska Man Recovers Stolen Triumph Motorcycle After Almost 50 Years

If you've been away from a loved one for 46 years, it's expected your first reaction at a reunification is going to be one of disbelief. That's what happened to a Nebraska man after being reconnected with a Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle following its theft nearly half a century ago.

The Associated Press reported the story of Donald DeVault, of Omaha, and his 1953 Triumph with "Li'l Blue Bitch" painted on the gas tank. He owned the bike for less than two years before it was stolen from his backyard in February of 1967.


DeVault, now 73, had relegated his Triumph to history up until two weeks ago. That's when he got a tip from authorities at the Port of Los Angeles who contacted him and said they'd recovered his bike about to be shipped to Japan. The numbers matched up, this was his Triumph.

AP reports the Triumph was worth $300 in 1967. Today, it's around $9,000. For DeVault, it's probably priceless.

You can watch the reunion in this video.

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Photo: AP

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